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A Fool and His Monet

A Serena Jones Mystery by Sandra Orchard

A Fool and His Monet by Sandra Orchard

Review: Years ago an art thief killed Serena Jones's grandfather as she watched in horror. The murderer was never caught. As she grew up she developed a passion art, more specifically, for recovering lost or stolen art. But what she dreams of is to hunt down the man who killed her grandfather. When she was old enough, Serena, over the objections of her mother, who longed for grandchildren, Serena joined the FBI's Art Crime Team. She wanted to use her expertise in law enforcement, but also she harbored the idea that somehow, someway, she'd learn more about her grandfather's killer, in A Fool and His Monet, the first mystery in this series by Sandra Orchard.

Serena's first case for the FBI did not go quite according to plan. In Buffalo investigating an art theft, the thieves known to her only as Baldy and Sidekick — her names for them — realized that she was a cop before the FBI finally broke the door down for the action. She was beginning to think she should have listened to her mother. The art thieves were arrested, but now they were soon out on bail. Back in her home in St. Louis she continued with her job on the Art Crime Team but she sensed she was being followed. If she is being stalked by Baldy and Sidekick from Buffalo, how did they know she lived in St. Louis?

Her current job is now trying to track down a priceless painting and there are quite a few suspects. But her boss, without explanation, makes her quit pursuing her lead suspect. Her field-trainer agent and investigative partner, Tanner Calhoun, is in total agreement with their boss. Why? How can they solve the crime if they cannot follow leads?

What an enjoyable mystery! A Fool and His Monet is an enthralling whodunit, replete with action, suspense, danger and a lot of humor. And there's a hint of a real romance developing. Serena is a terrific lead series character, who lives alone and dines with her family most Sundays and sometimes during the week. She is sharp, funny, tries to hide the fact that she is claustrophobic, and loves old movies and books. Then there is Serena's family, the entertaining supporting cast to the story. Her great Aunt Martha is a riot. She even becomes good friends with a high ranking member of the St. Louis mafia and loves it. Serena has her hands full trying to keep her out of trouble. Fast-paced and thoroughly enjoyable, this Christian cozy is highly recommended.

Special thanks to guest reviewer Betty of The Betz Review for contributing her review of A Fool and His Monet.

Acknowledgment: Baker Publishing Group provided a copy of A Fool and His Monet for this review.

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Location(s) referenced in A Fool and His Monet: St. Louis, Missouri

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A Fool and His Monet by Sandra Orchard

A Fool and His Monet by A Serena Jones Mystery

Publisher: Revell
Format: Trade Paperback
ISBN-13: 978-0-8007-2671-3
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List Price: $14.99

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